Before & Aftercare


There are a few important things to remember for your tattoo to heal well; your health needs to be intact before getting tattooed.
Be sure to moisturize the area a couple of times a day leading up to your appointment. Your skin will accept the ink a lot easier
Before your appointment make sure the area to be tattooed has been cleaned properly. Otherwise you may find yourself with an infection you try to blame you’re artist.


  1. Remove the covering one hour after you’ve finished.
  2. Wash the area with an antibacterial soap and warm water.this will remove any remaining Vaseline and blood. Washing the area at least twice a day is strongly encouraged
  3. Quick showers are OK, but any type of immersion in water such as pools, spas ocean, baths etc will not in any way be good for your tattoo. Do not soak the tattoo, but a quick wash with soap is essential.
  4. Pat dry and leave uncovered leave uncovered after washing.
  5. Apply Sorbonne cream 3-4 times a day with ‘clean’ hands. Apply enough to prevent the tattoo from drying right out. Do not smother your tattoo.
  6. If the tattoo has any heavier scabs, feel free to apply pantheon cream or paw cream. Otherwise Sorberline is more than OK. Washing the tattoo a couple of times a day will remove remnants of the applied cream, pat dry and reply.
  7. As the tattoo is healing, the skin will begin to peel. Do not pick or pull at this skin.
  8. Let it fall off in its own time. Sometimes the scab that is falling off contains the color of the tattoo underneath. Don’t worry, this is completely normal
  9. Even after the scab is completely gone, your tattoo has not finished healing. Keep applying Sorberline once or twice a day for a couple of more weeks.just to make sure your fresh tattoo settles in nicely.
  10. Your new tattoo needs to be kept out of direct sunlight for about 6 weeks.
  11. Any exposure in this time may affect the final outcome of your tattoo. If you are going to expose your tattoo to sun after 6 weeks, don’t forget to cover it liberally with sunscreen. Remember, the sun from now on is your tattoos enemy.
  12. If there is any concerns with the final product, be sure to contact us within 3 months. We are more than happy to give you any advice you need, or to remedy any concerns you have later and expect any touch ups etc at our expense. In saying that, get inked @ Bali ink guarantees it work and expects that its customers are happy with they’re final product.


When it comes to tattooing there are things to is a procedure that involves skin penetration. And while we can take all the precautions necessary to ensure your tattoo is healthy, the main part of the healing process lies in your hands. So please take note of the above instructions and make sure you remember that a fresh tattoo has to be clean