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Froggy remembers his first tattoo, and he should, it’s on his left forearm. The year was 1995 and his mother said she would cut off his arm. Banished from the family home for 3 months, Froggy returned from exile to the corner of the house and was told to get job, any job. Froggy was only child.

Tattoos were far from popular in Singaraja, a small village on the northern coast of Bali. He remembers the adversity surrounding his second tattoo just as vividly : “Yes they smashed me. I don’t care. It’s my job, my love”. Froggy chose to tattoo the son of army officer, an interesting choice for his next canvas.

Avoiding jail, and becoming a bricklayer only temporarily, Froggy followed his heart and self taught the tattooist trade using imagination, a few books on shading and 3D, and a lot of support and guidance from a village friend Made Suarsana.

Bali Inked: “Like Dream Come True”
Meeting Mr. George and founding th Bali Inked Tatto Studio in 2008 was the defining moment in Froggys career. After spending a decade between Kuta and Denpasar and various studios in lesser roles, he now had opportunity to a set-up a shop using his own style and set of values.

“Everything I needed was there. Better equipment, supplies, machine, needle, air conditioning, comfortable, clean and Mr. George.”

Working 6 days a week, Froggy spends his day off with his wife and two children, where they enjoy leaving the hustle and bustle Kuta and retreat back to Singaraja, a 2 and half hour drive away. Froggy remembers having to explain to his children that the first reason to a tattooist is must come from the inside of the soul. justo.