Tut Swi

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Tut SWi starts his experience in art since he was 5 years old. He is popular and be the one of the best painter in Bali.

Before Tut SWi started into the world of Tatttoo, he began his career as a painter and also air brush motorcycle. His friend introduce equipment tattoo. Tut SWi very happy and optimistic to be a tattoo artist. The first tattoo Tut SWi have made was a skull with his own design. The result is very satisfactory for a beginner tattoo few of his friends really like the first tattoo he have done. It is really motivated to make better and better result through hard sleep.

Fascination with the art of tattoo make Tut SWi forgotted his profession as painters. With the confidence and support of his family and his close friend Tut SWi decided that tattoo is part of his life.